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Community Innovations

Community Innovations is a leading provider of knowledge, training, consultancy, and ongoing support services on corporate social responsibility. Our goal is to help your company integrate sustainability and social change systems into your business model.

We work with small, medium, and large companies to create and implement CSR strategies aligned to business objectives.

Community Innovations will work with you to think outside of the box, engage your staff, your stakeholders, your supply chain, and develop unique programs and tools to allow you to invest in your communities, both responsibly, but also to achieve a good return.

Current trends demonstrate that the most competitive companies are those that understand and positively engage their communities. Your business can make a difference.

Products and Services

CSR Trainings and Workshops

Innovative and engaging learning and development for your staff and stakeholders.

CSR Information Sessions

Highly informative and inspirational; Community Innovations can add value to your gatherings.

CSR Preview

A great starter package for companies beginning CSR.

CSR Health Check

Concise, yet comprehensive analysis of where your company is now.

CSR Strategy Development

Building a long term CSR strategy that is right for your company and stakeholders.

CSR Program Implementation

Providing the professional help you need to ensure your CSR program has the greatest impact.

CSR Employee Engagement

Build a sustainable and motivated team for internal and external CSR results.

CSR Business Clusters

Working together to create greater social impact.

CSR Communications and Marketing

Appropriately sharing your story to a global audience.

CSR National and International Vetting

Peace of mind for your CSR.

CSR Impact and Outcome Evaluations

Developing the evidence you need.

News and Press Releases

Clients and Testimonials

Case Studies, White Papers, Articles