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Automotive Industry Alliance

At Automotive Industry Alliance, we do go by a global perspective. This approach has caused us to appraise every issue in collaboration with leaders in the industry, legislators, regulators as well as further stakeholders to construct a public policy which enhances vehicle safety, promotes technological innovation while safeguarding Earth. Our aim is to encourage a transparent yet competitive automotive market that supports investment, job augmentation while developing more automobiles that enhance the lifestyle of all Americans.

The Automotive Industry Alliance Association represents automobile manufacturers the world over since 1961, albeit under different names. As of today, we speak for the American divisions of twelve manufacturers of motor vehicles.

What is Unique about Automotive Industry Alliance:

  • Consensus approach to legal and rule bound policy solutions.
  • Regular sustenance re free trade as well as transparent investment policies.
  • Contact with technical in addition to policy experts in a position to give our members, regulators, legal luminaries and media data along with perspectives that are not available from any source different from ours.
  • Provision of an occasion to interact plus join forces with disparate members in respect of best practices along with matters of mutual interest.

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