Migrant Workers Support Center
[ 2008-04-04 ]

Migrant Workers Support Center is integrated support and development program. Through “Labor Hotline”, it provides migrant workers and other people who need help with free legal service and synthesis support. Since 2001, ICO's Labor Support Center has been providing migrant workers with free legal service, and in June of 2002 we opened up our Labor Support Hotline. From 2003 to today, ICO has helped over 500 factories in Guangdong set up internal complaint mechanisms, and has distributed over six thousand legal rights information posters and thirty thousand labor law leaflets. In the past four years, ICO has assisted in over one thousand labor disputes, worked with over twenty thousand workers and helped them regain over 10 million yuan in legal compensation. By virtue of our help, many workers have not only become more aware of their rights, but also of their own ability for development. Nowadays, we have workers come in almost every day to receive our support and add to their own strength.

Our primary services are as follows:

  • Legal consultation
  • Legal aid
  • Emotional training
  • Communication training
  • First-aid