Platinum Service
[ 2008-04-07 ]
Ion Science is pleased to offer a Platinum Service option on our FirstCheck, PhoCheck and GasCheck product ranges At Ion Science we recommend that all of our gas detection instruments be returned for recalibration on an annual basis to ensure optimal performance. For your convenience re-calibration has been built into our Platinum Service option. Platinum Service Features * Never be without your instrument!* Fixed cost* Annual replacement of your instrument. Two weeks before your instrument is due for annual re-calibration we will ship you a new one. You then have one month to return your old instrument back to Ion Science.* Any instrument failure within the period of the contract will result in a replacement being sent out to you on the same day (before 12 pm GMT, after 12pm next day).  * Cost included your annual re-calibration and any required spare parts. Platinum Service options are available to purchase in a yearly option or on a 5 year service contract option. By entering into a service contract you are entitled to various accessory discounts and promotions. For more information please contact our service department