HydroSteel Gains Recognition In Asia¡­
[ 2008-04-07 ]
Following a recent visit to Asia, it is clear that the unique benefits of Ion Science patented Hydrosteel technology is becoming universally recognised. Dr Frank Dean, Research Director at Ion Science Ltd and Graham Burns, Sales Manager for Asia Pacific were invited to attend a ‘Hydrogen Flux Conference’ in Qingdao, China where Ion Science introduced the non-intrusive Hydrosteel flux measurement technology.   The technology, the science of hydrogen flux and its relation to hydrogen damage risk and certain corrosion scenarios, were intensely debated. The seminar was kindly organised by Sinopec, China’s leading crude refiner. A representative from each of forty refineries attended, along with a number of members of the Chinese Health and Safety Authority.  Delegates not only attended a successful conference, but enjoyed banquets prepared from sumptuous local produce and a trip around Qingdao harbour - the future destination of the sailing events at the 2012 Olympics!
A number of Hydrosteel instruments have already been sold to Sinopec, and the trip was a great opportunity to share its benefits and discuss findings from existing Hydrosteel users. Looking to the future, Sinopec are considering a multiple point installation of permanent Hydrosteel 7000 monitors in plans for a new oil production facility.
During the trip Ion Science were also invited to present at Petronas Penapisan Melaka refinery in Malaysia. In alliance with Techno Rada Sdn Bhd, we presented Hydrosteel to the refinery material control personnel, interested in measuring Hydrogen flux through steel to trend corrosion severity in several crude units. Interest in hydrogen flux measurement enquiry had been intensifying for 2 years.  As a result of the meeting, Petronas decided to trial the Hydrosteel technology with a view to including Hydrosteel in their routine inspection routine in Melaka and elsewhere.  The trial is underway, and we are awaiting the results!