Study of Workers' Dormitory in South China
[ 2008-04-24 ]

Dormitories in China — Reports from Investigating the Workers' Dormitories in South China
This project focused investigation on dormitories in south China, was carried out by ICO and Pentland of England jointly. From February to April 2001, the group performed the field survey in the factories in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhongshan and Quanzhou, interviewed 216 workers. The investigation involved accommodation choice of workers, and dormitories' type, area and facilities, standards, manage model, also summarized some good experience and lessens. This report was published by ICO in Shenzhen and Pentland in London both in English and Chinese as the reference for factories management and international clients when they audit the condition of workers' dormitories.

Executive Summary
Guangdong has been a most developed city in China. More than two third of mobile populations worked in factory. Most foreign-invested and processing enterprises concentrate on garment, footwear, toy, electronics, metal, plastic, printing and dyeing. These labor-density industries need more labors from many countryside and cities of China. They have no stable work and residence, and are strange to the working city. Most of them faced the problems of accommodation.
In 2000, total number of employees who work in the second industry and the third industry in Guangdong had approached to 40 million, in which mobile workers were 31.04 million and more than 20 million workers were from the countryside outside Guangdong province.
In the first several years, they had no steady job and residence and were quite strange to the working place. So they thought much of the basic living conditions that the factories could provide. Due to the lack of relevant laws and regulations, the company and government has no practical assessment system and reference to comply with. Through the deep investigation into many types of dormitories in Guangdong, we hope this report could be a reference for the investing companies in Guangdong and Mainland of China.