UK Forum
[ 2008-06-03 ]

The UK Forum is the focal point for members with an interest in the UK municipal and industrial markets.  The equipment, services and expertise of members are available to enquiries from those industrial sectors with particular needs in both water treatment prior to use and and wastewater treatment prior to discharge.

Liaison Meetings
The success of the Municipal Market Group is built largely upon its regular liaison visits to major players in the sector.  Delegations of between 10 and 12 members represent the Group at meetings with the ten water service companies in England and Wales, Scottish Water and Water Services Northern Ireland, where discussions are held with the procurement and operations staff.  There are also regular meetings with the economic and environmental regulators, both in England and Wales and in Scotland.

All members of the Group have the opportunity to identify questions and issues to be raised beforehand and comprehensive notes of the meetings and information are distributed to all members, covering important issues, such as structure and contacts, capital expenditure, procurement and technology needs.

Main Meeting
 - Presentations and minutes from the last main meeting of the Municipal Market Group.  Restricted to Members only - log in to view

Business Best Practice Panel, B2P2
The Business Best Practice Panel (B2P2) provides a framework for members interested in various aspects of doing business in the water industry to raise issues and bring forward suggestions and ideas to improve the business environment in which all companies and water service providers have to work.

The Cost of Regulation
In 2006, British Water approached UKWIR (UK Water Industry Research) and suggested that a gap existed in industry knowledge and understanding.  The industry is able to determine easily and accurately the efficiency gains made by each water company as these figures are regularly and comprehensively reported by the economic regulator, Ofwat.  The unknown, is the cost to the supply chain in delivering these efficiencies, particularly in regard to the cycle of expenditure seen from the water companies since privatisation and the anecdotal evidence of the detrimental effect this has on the supply chain and its efficiency.

UKWIR agreed and a collaborative research project, The Regulatory Cycle and its Impact on the Efficiency of Supply Chain Delivery was launched.  Findings of the Report have recently been published and the Executive Summary can be downloaded here.  A full copy of the Report is available for British Water members and non-members can order a copy of the full report through UKWIR's website at