Technical Forum
[ 2008-06-03 ]

British Water undertakes a watching brief on industry regulations and technical issues through the Technical Forum which meets twice each year.  The Forum facilitates active participation in BSI, CEN and ISO standards committees.

Date of next meeting

Date of last meeting: 12 February, 2008. 

The Technical Forum has three sections which will meet once a year.

Within each section, the Focus Groups, the prime structure for the Technical Forum,  provide the platform for members' specific interests to be addressed.  This flexible structure allows Focus Groups to be linked with others which have some commonality of interests into general sections each of which has a series of drivers and regulations relevant to some or all of the Focus Groups within the section. 

The Focus Groups provide opportunities for members to develop industry responses to consultations on proposed codes of practice and UK legislation and on the implementation of European Directives into the UK.  The preparation of industry guidance and codes of practice enables British Water to promote and enhance the leading edge reputation of the UK’s water and wastewater industry. 

For an overview of the Technical Forum structure and its Focus Group interests please click here.