Sustainable and eco textiles
[ 2009-01-10 ]
Innovasians Business Focus

Innovasians Ltd focus on 3 sectors
A. Retail sector is key
This secor has product for small and medium retail accross:
a. babywear
b. apparel
c. denim jeans
d. Home textiles
Innovasians source and develop these in:
1. conventional fibre
2. eco and sustainable textile fibres.
Our niche is ECO and we are proud to manufacture ECO textiles in 2 price points. We tailor the textile product to YOUR affordability and CSR requirement. We source and manufacture at affordable conventional price points to ECO LUXURY.

B. Spa and Hospitality Industry

 Innovasians Ltd established themselves as a supplier to:
a. Shangri La Group
b. 2 Boutique Hotels in London
c. A 6-Star resort in Malaysia
d. Starwood
e. Six Senses
f. Chiva Som
g. Four Seasons
h. Mandarin Oriental
Innovasians work in close collaboration with a few design agencies to get product in eco to meet the needs of several more hotels and Spas.
The product range include:
1. bamboo door signs to toilet seat and stationary folders
2. bedsheeting, curtains, bed throws
3. laundry baskets and shoe trays in wicker and bamboo
4. amenties in biodegradable containers and even toothbrushes, shoe horns and combs from 100% corn starch
We cover a range of textiles in bamboo, organic cotton and linen, organic fairtrade cotton and recycled PET (waterbottles)

 C. Airlines
Innovasians developed a range of eco products for airlines. The products include:
a. amenities in corn starch and 100% biodegradable
b. airline blankets in recycled PET (waterbottles) as well as bamboo
c. ear plugs - 100% biodegradable

D. Shopping Bags
Innovasians develop a range of shopping bags in:
a. sustainable
b. degradable and
c. biodegradable materials
Innovasians have orders for bags from:
a. fairtrade organic cotton
b. organic cotton
c. organic linen
d. PP (polypropylene - conventional non-woven bags)
e. Recycled PET bags - made from plastic bottles
f. 100% biodegradable cornstarch film

We can make these with a hydrophobic finish and we can supply these with OEM design/logo