ERM First Foreign Invested Consultancy in China licensed to Assess Environmental Impacts
[ 2007-10-24 ]

China¡¯s State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) last week awarded ERM with a ¡®Class A¡¯ Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) license making it the only foreign invested consultancy in China to hold such a license. In receiving the license ERM now joins an elite league of China¡¯s premier environmental organisations and provides unrestricted access for ERM to carry out environmental assessments for the country¡¯s major development projects.

Dr Wang Yong, Managing Partner of ERM¡¯s China operations, said: ¡°It is a great honour to be granted a Class A license, a move that can be seen as a clear indication of SEPA¡¯s intention to raise the bar on environmental performance in China and their desire for ERM to help them achieve this.

¡°The situation in China now is similar to the situation in Europe and the US in the late 1980s and early 90s and, like then, we need to move beyond compliance to fully addressing and mitigating the environmental impacts of our rapid growth. There is much to do and the granting of this license means that we can now play our part.¡±

ERM already has an exceptional track record of undertaking EIAs in China. We are currently involved in an EIA for Hangzhou Bay, looking at the impacts of three major chemical industry developments on the wider area and in the Pudong District we are carrying out a Strategic EIA to evaluate the likely environmental impacts resulting from various development scenarios on Shanghai¡¯s fastest growing district.

In 2002-03 we prepared the international standard EIA for the entire West-to-East Pipeline project which now transports natural gas across the 4,000km distance from north-western China to the eastern seaboard and down to Shanghai and Hangzhou. We also prepared international EIAs for the Tarim Basin gas fields in Xinjiang Province where the gas originates, for several branch lines in Jiangsu and Anhui Provinces, and for a major distribution ring in Hangzhou.

Overall, ERM¡¯s experience in China includes more than 200 EIAs for the oil and gas, mining, chemicals, manufacturing and transportation sectors.

Contact: Wang Yong


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