Social Risk Assessments & Social Responsibility Audits
[ 2007-10-26 ]

The social risk assessment and social responsibility audit are primary solutions currently to monitor suppliers, by which international clients ensure its business partner to comply with local laws, fulfill their social responsible commits. To identify transparency, consistency and integrality, many MNCs will require independent institution to assess and audit their supply chain.
Standards of audit and assessment are based on local laws and regulations, UN Human Rights Declaration, UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, International Labor Standards and MNCs' Codes of Conduct, involve issues of child labor, forced labor, free-dom of association and collective bargaining, occupational safety and health, employment discrimination, disciplinary measures, working time, wage and benefit.
From 2001, ICO began to conduct social risks assessment and social responsibility audits, set up CSR consultation department in 2004, with professional auditing team. ICO team has conducted social risks assessment and independent social responsible audit/monitor for over 20 MNCs, banks and international organizations in American, England, Holland, German, Japan and Hong Kong of China, and 150 of their suppliers.